Since our founding in 1994, MediaSpark has pioneered innovations in Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, and Educational Games long before they became the mainstream topics they are today.

Introduction of KnowledgeWeaver, one of the first Internet social content management networks for educators. Although it had huge potential, the product fell victim to the dot com crash and resulting recession of the early 2000s. A decade later, the thinking behind KnowledgeWeaver would come to form the foundation for our innovative Oasis social networking platform.


Introduction of the GoVenture Entrepreneur  simulation — the most realistic educational-focused entrepreneurship experience in the industry at the time. Product concept and design actually began in 1996. It continues to sell widely today.


Introduction of the GoVenture Personal Finance simulation — the first educational experience that recreated real-world financial decision-making projected decades into a learner’s virtual future. This was well before financial literacy curriculum was available in schools.


Introduction of the GoVenture Entrepreneur Board Game  — a unique board game designed specifically for gaining business ownership skills in a fun, educational context. Unlike conventional “opoly” style games, GoVenture combines experiential and social learning with modern Euro/German-style gameplay.


Introduction of GoVenture CEO  — the first product in the industry that empowers instructors to create highly visual, customized, online, head-to-head multiplayer business simulations using a simple point-and-click interface.


Introduction of lokol — a highly-specialized website platform designed to facilitate crowdsourcing, content aggregation, and social content management.  Spun out as a separate company.


Introduction of GoVenture Typing — A fun game that teaches you how to type or type faster, and a complete curriculum resource for school courses. The game uses a fantasy science-fiction theme to take you on an epic quest where survival and success depend on your keyboarding skills.  Launch of the GoVenture Card Game — a new business-themed game that moves fast with fun strategy for the entire family.


Redesign of several GoVenture programs including Health, Job Interview, CEO, and the introduction of the reimagined GoVenture Entrepreneur — the most realistic small business startup and operations simulation in the world.


By this time, GoVenture products were being purchased by thousands of schools, impacting hundreds of thousands of learners. This penetration represented one of the widest tractions of games and simulations in schools.

Mid 2000s


Introduction of  —  a unique content and social networking platform designed to facilitate entrepreneurship education and success. The unique features of were on the drawing board since 2002, well before “social content management and networking” became popular across the Internet. The platform formed the foundation of lokol, a future spinout technology and company.


Introduction of GoVenture Health   — the first Health & Wellness education product to use a gamified ebook/photobook platform.  The same platform is now used to deliver content for other subjects.


Release of GoVenture World — a groundbreaking innovation that combines education, social gaming, simulation, live role playing, microlearning, and a massively multiplayer virtual world. In our view, GoVenture World has the potential to be the most significant innovation in the history of entrepreneurship education, and completely reimagines how learning can be achieved and assessed.


Launch of GoVenture Life & Money simulation for personal financial literacy and investing. This new program reimagines and combines four previous GoVenture simulations. Introduction of GoVenture Leader — a simulation that builds leadership, strategy, and collaboration skills.


Introduction of businessXP — the world's first and only fully-game based experiential training for aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs.  A viable alternative to business school that is faster, more effective, more inspiring, and more affordable.

Stay tuned for more to come in the future.