MediaSpark considers taking on interns who can help contribute to the company while enhancing their own skills and work experience.

Interns that work at MediaSpark contribute to real projects and gain meaningful experience that enhances their employability. Many interns have gone on to do contract work for MediaSpark, become full-time employees, or contribute to the success of other companies.

Terms and Requirements

  • There is no set time frame.
    We will consider internships at any time during the year.
  • Internships do not have to be affiliated with an educational institution.
    You can do an internship on your own if you find that you are underemployed and would like to enhance your skills.
  • Internships are unpaid.
    MediaSpark invests time and resources to help interns enhance their skills and work experience, but funding for salaries is not available, except under special circumstances. Other benefits include flexible hours and free soft drinks. If hired as a regular employee, additional benefits include stock options, medical, dental, vision and life insurance, sick time and personal development days, and more.
  • The longer the term, the better.
    While we do take on short-term internships, terms that are 6-12 months are more likely to be considered.
  • ​Interns specifically focused on graphic design or programming receive first consideration.
    Those focused on business, marketing, and educational content development also receive consideration. See our past and future job descriptions for details on the types of skills we look for.
  • ​Interns must have basic skills to contribute to our team.
    For example, we cannot take on a graphic design intern that does not already have some level of graphic design skills. Similarly, we cannot take on a programmer that does not have a sufficient level of programming skills. If you find that your current skill level may be too low, we encourage you to register for a course or learn on your own by accessing the many free resources on the Internet.
  • Location is Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada (Must work from our offices).

How to Apply

Submit your cover letter and resume online for this particular job number and title. Be sure to detail your internship availability dates, the type of experience you are seeking, and acknowledgement of the terms above.

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