MediaSpark designs, produces, and commercializes innovative solutions under our own brands or those of our clients. Our products are sold directly by us or through our authorized resellers.

Products & Services

GoVenture® educational games and simulations

GoVenture is one of the original and most widely used series of educational games and simulations in the world. Over a decade in the making, GoVenture represents the future of learning: experiential, social, and gamified. Products including software applications, educational games, simulations, mobile, apps, board games, card games, blended games, ebooks, and a massively multiplayer online game.
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Social Content & Community Networks

Build an educational community, encourage entrepreneurship, or facilitate community economic development using our unique Oasis™ platform.
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Over a decade of experience designing and refining award-winning educational games and simulations provides you with the most comprehensive series in the industry.

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Mobile Apps and Web Platforms

We design and build basic to highly-sophisticated mobile apps, web apps, and web platforms to meet specific business needs. If you need a software solution, we can help.
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Consulting, Production, and Gamification Services

We offer consulting, production, and gamification services, including licensing, tailoring, or customizing our products, development of new products, and general business, marketing, and educational consulting in our areas of focus.
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We’ve helped schools, governments, and multinational corporations facilitate entrepreneurship in ways never before possible.
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