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MediaSpark’s new simulation software is the next wave in eLearning and training

Sydney, Nova Scotia, April 13, 2004 — MediaSpark Inc. today announced the launch of its GoVenture simulation software designed to provide businesses with the next wave in eLearning and job-training capabilities. The award-winning business simulation software creates life-like, risk-free business scenarios requiring real solutions thereby making learning faster, more fun, and more effective than ever before.

In the same way that pilots train on flight simulators to gain crucial experience through trial and error in a safe, virtual setting, MediaSpark’s interactive business simulations put employees “in the driver’s seat” to solve real world business problems without the associated real world risks or costs.

Employees can interact with “virtual” customers, coworkers, managers, partners or competitors. Anyone can become the CEO of a virtual business, a stockbroker trading on a virtual exchange, an entrepreneur running a startup company or a sales manager interacting with virtual customers. Simulation also lets novice investors look 50 years into their financial future for improved financial decision-making.

Nearly any task, procedure, process or skill can be simulated to rapidly accelerate learning and dramatically improve return on investment.

Gartner Research anticipates that simulation will be the “killer application” for eLearning, significantly improving participation and completion rates. Brandon Hall predicts that the eLearning simulation market in the U.S. will soar by over 10,000% to exceed $37 billion (US) by 2011.

“We’ve created what are truly the most experiential and compelling learning scenarios available,” said MediaSpark CEO Mathew Georghiou. “Employees will gain vast amounts of experience on a short timeline. The challenges are business-focused and the results are very realistic.”

MediaSpark is targeting the corporate, franchise and financial sectors with its new GoVenture software products.

The new GoVenture Small Business simulation lets users start and run a virtual business, make day-to-day decisions faced by a typical entrepreneur. The program is ideal for small business training and entrepreneurship.

MediaSpark also anticipates that franchisers will use GoVenture Small Business to train managers, potential franchisees and front line employees.

The new GoVenture Personal Finance simulation can provide a virtual snapshot of anyone’s financial life that spans up to 50 years into the future. Pay bills, purchase assets, make investments, and monitor the economy while tackling financial and retirement goals. GoVenture Personal Finance is designed to show users how to manage and invest their money wisely, thanks to a realistic virtual setting that is unprecedented in the personal finance market.

Other GoVenture simulations include GoVenture Entrepreneur, GoVenture Stock Market and GoVenture Point of Sale.

GoVenture products are currently used throughout North America and around the world in schools (K-12, University, College, and Vocational), homes, career centres, government, non-profit organizations and companies.

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