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MediaSpark launches software for infants, proving you are never too young to start learning on a computer

Sydney, Nova Scotia, February 7, 2005 — MediaSpark Inc., an educational software development and publishing company – announced the launch of the GoVenture MyFirst series of software programs for children ages zero and up.

GoVenture MyFirst software programs are perfect for infants who are old enough to play on a keyboard but too young to use a mouse. They provide hours of fun and laughter and can help any child learn the basics of shapes, colors, numbers, letters, animals, and more.

Unlike other educational software on the market, GoVenture MyFirst software programs are designed specifically for young children, ages zero and up, who may not have mastered the use of the mouse or keyboard. All programs advance by the click of any button (mouse or keyboard), so young children are able to use the software with little or no assistance.

“When we were testing the MyFirst software, I was amazed at watching my son and his friends at only eight months old using the computer,” said MediaSpark Product Manager Donna Steele. “The shouts of joy and the learning value of the activity convinced me this software would be a big hit.”

With GoVenture MyFirst, parents can spend more quality time with their child in an activity that will provide a head start in learning.

GoVenture MyFirst software programs are designed as computer versions of children’s flipbooks. They allow the very young to “play computer” with a parent or on their own for as long as they want. The program loops for endless enjoyment – just hit any button to continue. Parents can even add their child’s name or a personal message to display on screen. GoVenture MyFirst programs are not only entertaining. They are effective educational tools which help children develop important cognitive and motor skills.

Play safe. Start the program up and a child can play repeatedly. Meanwhile, desktop and other programs remain safe and out of easy reach, because GoVenture MyFirst programs play in full screen mode.

“The MyFirst series rounds out our product offering,” says MediaSpark CEO, Mathew Georghiou. “The new GoVenture MyFirst series, combined with our successful award-winning GoVenture Simulation series enables us to offer educational products for all ages – young and old.

The MyFirst series was originally produced in 1997 under the MyFirst Computer Book name. These programs became popular, eventually finding their way into tens of thousands of homes and schools in over 100 countries. MediaSpark has since created new editions under the GoVenture brand to take advantage of the latest computer advancements to help meet the overwhelming demand for high quality software for very young children.

Products can be tried and purchased at or by calling 1-800-331-2282.

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Products can be tried and purchased at or by calling 1-800-331-2282.

Products can be tried and purchased at or by calling 1-800-331-2282.