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MediaSpark adds to GoVenture product line

Sydney, Nova Scotia, June 29, 2005 — MediaSpark Inc., an educational software development and publishing company, announced the addition of two new products to its award-winning GoVenture line of educational games and simulations: GoVenture Lemonade Stand and GoVenture Financial Literacy.

GoVenture Lemonade Stand is an easy-to-use program that introduces you to the experience of running your own virtual lemonade stand business. It’s the perfect first step for children or even adults who need to start with the basics of running a business. It also offers the opportunity to apply concepts in other subjects such as mathematics, finance, career, or general life skills in a fun business setting.

GoVenture Financial Literacy is a realistic software simulation designed to help youth and adults learn about basic personal money management decisions in a fun and educational manner. Financial Literacy introduces you to basic financial concepts such as cash flow, banking, loans, investments, credit, and more by letting you live your life inside the simulation. Will you be rich or poor in the future? Play GoVenture Financial Literacy and find out!

“GoVenture Lemonade Stand and Financial Literacy round out our product line by offering options for those who need a more introductory, shorter, and less comprehensive simulation experience,” said MediaSpark CEO Mathew Georghiou.

The success of GoVenture has positioned MediaSpark as an emerging world leader in the fast-growing eLearning simulation industry – expected by some to grow 10,000 per cent to $37 billion by 2011. MediaSpark has won numerous awards for the company, its products, and newsletter.

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