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MediaSpark Launches Software that Allows Anyone to Create Educational Games and Simulations

Sydney, Nova Scotia, July 8, 2005 — MediaSpark Inc., an educational software development and publishing company, known for its award-winning line of educational games and simulations, announced the launch of a groundbreaking new product: GoVenture Simulation Designer. Now, anyone can create their own games and simulations in minutes.

GoVenture Simulation Designer is an easy-to-use software program that enables anyone to build their own educational games and simulations, without programming or technical expertise. Using simple point-and-click, games and sophisticated branching simulations can be created, including text, graphics, animation, audio, video, and learner interaction.

For example, instead of documenting a sales script or customer service procedure, GoVenture Simulation Designer can be used to create a virtual role-playing exercise, making learning much more effective and engaging. It can be used to design a trivia game, test procedure, product demonstration, or any other experience to bring learning to life.

Organizations can better train their employees, teachers can enhance their courses, and businesses can build and sell new educational products using GoVenture Simulation Designer.

MediaSpark CEO Mathew Georghiou added, “Most teachers and trainers would never even consider creating their own software games and simulations because it requires a high level of technical expertise. GoVenture Simulation Designer is a groundbreaking product that makes the process quick and easy, and consequently has the potential to accelerate the mainstream adoption of games and simulations for education. This is growing to be a multibillion-dollar market and we continue to be a company driving innovation in the industry.”

The success of GoVenture has positioned MediaSpark as an emerging world leader in the fast-growing eLearning simulation industry – expected by some to grow 10,000 per cent to $37 billion by 2011. MediaSpark has won numerous awards for the company, its products, and newsletter.

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