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MediaSpark GoVenture Goes Mobile

Sydney, Nova Scotia, Jan. 23, 2007  — MediaSpark Inc., an educational software development and publishing company, announced the launch of GoVenture Lemonade Stand MOBILE for PDA’s and cell phones. Now, anyone can learn the basics of business on their mobile device — for free!

GoVenture Lemonade Stand MOBILE is an easy-to-use program that introduces you to the experience of running your own virtual lemonade stand business. It’s the perfect first step for children or even adults who need to start with the basics of running a business. It also offers the opportunity to apply concepts in other subjects such as mathematics, finance, career, or general life skills in a fun business setting.

“GoVenture Lemonade Stand MOBILE represents another step in our progress towards delivering highly effective and fun learning experiences via all media platforms: PCs, board games, card games, and now mobile devices,” said MediaSpark CEO Mathew Georghiou.

A free version of the program is available for download at

The success of GoVenture has positioned MediaSpark as an emerging world leader in the fast-growing educational games and simulation (or “serious games”) industry. MediaSpark has won numerous awards for the company, its products, and newsletter.

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About MediaSpark

MediaSpark helps people and organizations achieve success through the effective use of design and technology. The company offers software development, website and print design, eLearning, and business consulting services. MediaSpark products are led by the award-winning GoVenture educational games and simulations, which have positioned the company as an emerging world leader in the design and sale of business and life simulations.

MediaSpark was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. For additional information, please visit (company website), (product website), or call 1-800-331-2282.

About GoVenture Educational Games and Simulations

GoVenture educational games and simulations bring learning to life by providing the most fun and effective learning experiences ever available, enabling individuals and organizations to learn by doing, through simulated experience.

In the same way that pilots train on flight simulators to gain crucial experience through trial and error in a safe, virtual setting, the interactive GoVenture educational games and simulations immerse people in highly visual and interactive environments in such rewarding ways that they feel both intellectually and emotionally engaged in the experience – as if they were living it.

People can interact with “virtual” customers, co-workers, managers, partners or competitors. Unlike reading a book or attending a course or seminar, anyone can become the CEO of a virtual business, a stockbroker trading on a virtual exchange, a manufacturer managing a virtual production line, a sales manager interacting with virtual customers, or navigate their way through the next 50 virtual years of their financial future – all from a computer!

GoVenture educational games and simulations have won numerous international awards and accolades and are used in homes, schools and offices across North America, and increasingly internationally. Current GoVenture educational games and simulations include Entrepreneur, Small Business, Micro Business, Lemonade Stand, Financial Literacy, Personal Finance, Stock Market, Investment, Point of Sale, MyFirst, and Simulation Designer. For additional information, please visit the GoVenture website at