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MediaSpark launches innovative new business simulation and expands marketing in Europe and Southeast Asia

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Sydney, NS, Canada | October 18, 2011

Today, MediaSpark CEO, Mathew Georghiou, made a series of announcements that position the company for future success. “We are excited to be launching our newest innovative product,” said Georghiou. “The market for educational games is seeing rapid growth, and we are moving quickly to capture this opportunity with new products and new business relationships for wider distribution.”

GoVenture Any Business, MediaSpark’s newest simulation, has already received a Gold Omni Award with a perfect 10.0 judging score. Unlike other business simulations, Any Business allows teachers and corporate trainers to create highly-customized, online, head-to-head, multiplayer business simulations for any product in any industry and in any market. Simulations can be designed to model current events, historical successes and failures, or to target specific challenges and learning outcomes.

For example, a teacher can bring a business case study to life for students, while a corporate trainer can model a company’s business and allow its managers to compete against each other in an experience that brings the market to life. Players run virtual businesses while making decisions on pricing, manufacturing, research and development, human resources, marketing, advertising, ethics, and more. During the competition, a virtual management team provides real-time business advice.

GoVenture Any Business joins MediaSpark’s expanding GoVenture product line – one of the original and most widely used series of educational games and simulations in North America (view customer map at According to Georghiou, “Our GoVenture line has been in the making for over a decade and represents what we believe to be the future of learning: experiential, social, and gamified.” He added, “We are pleased to launch another award-winning new product and sign on resellers to represent us around the world.”

EUROPE: MediaSpark also announced that Douglas Stewart EDU, a premiere distributor specializing in educational products, has become the exclusive European distributor of MediaSpark’s award-winning GoVenture educational games and simulations.

Lori Mercier, Managing Director at Douglas Stewart EDU, says, “GoVenture is more than just a new product line for us. We believe it has the potential to truly change the future of our youth, by imparting entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and health and wellness skills. These are keys to economic prosperity for individuals and communities.”

SOUTHEAST ASIA: Money Tree Asia Pacific has signed on to resell GoVenture products in several countries where they are fostering financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills through their various programs supported by corporate and government sponsors. MoneyTree Asia Pacific CEO, Michael Reyes, commented, “We have been searching the world for the best experiential learning products to integrate with our programs, and we found them with GoVenture.”

MediaSpark’s GoVenture software programs deliver highly realistic learning experiences using advanced experiential learning and gaming techniques. Learners gain real experience by being immersed in simulated worlds. Instead of reading about business, they actually run a business – virtually. Instead of thinking about their financial future, they actually live it – in a virtual world that behaves just like the real world.

GoVenture products include award-winning software simulations and applications, mobile games, board games, and soon a massively multiplayer online game. GoVenture impacts people in all walks of life: toddlers, youth, and adults; gifted, at-risk, and special needs; inmates for education and reentry; in developing countries with low literacy levels; and more. An estimated one million people around the world have used GoVenture in homes, schools (elementary, middle, high), universities and colleges, nonprofits, governments, and businesses.

“We will continue to expand both our product line and our marketing reach in the near future,” said Georghiou. “Expect more announcements to be forthcoming shortly.”

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